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Maximise Search Pane

Andreas Hartmann, 25.05.2007 11:40:


Is it possible to maximize the search window?


The search panel is not a full window. It is a toolbar. Therefore it doesn't contain the functionality to maximize or minimize itself. Inside the iNEWS window you can resize it only by dragging the edges.

But it is possible to undock and resize the search window like a Adobe Photoshop™ palette. To do this:

  1. Double click on the heading area (beside the Refine field) inside the search toolbar.
  2. The search panel then is a separate free window.
  3. Drag the edges to resize the window as you like.

Finally a double click beside the refine field toggles between the maximized and docked view of your search window. Of course Ctrl+R will open/close the search view.

Unfortunately you have to reset the undocked size of your search window (step 3.) each time you start an iNEWS session.

Further hints

Only an undocked search panel can be dragged and dropped to another edge of the iNEWS window.


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