Keyword server device name

Andreas Hartmann, 20.03.2008 13:17:


There is a keyword server (not a wire keyword server) used to distribute wire messages into different queues. The setup is correct but no wire story is received from data receiver!


Check the config file. Both keyword server and wire server need a device name. If you use the same device name for these servers the wire server will get a hickup. I.e.:

server       300          RTR        300  -       ;keyword server reuters
wireserver   601          news       RTR  -       ;Reuters
  1. Set a different device name for the keyword server. I.e.
    server       300          KEY-RTR        300  -       ;keyword server reuters
  2. Correct the story in system.wires.keywords. I.e.
    *20 KEY-RTR
  3. Restart both servers.
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