Custom Sidepanel

The default sidepanel with function chooser on top is long winded. Also there is enough space to combine the functions into one single view. Unfortunately the Category Browser and the Navigator cannot sit inside the same JSP. As a result there is still the function chooser with two options left. The default entry (called shelf) is for shelf/opensearch/category and the alternative one for the navigator.

  1. :!: Copy JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/alfresco.war/jsp/sidepanel/shelf.jsp to shelf.jsp.original
  2. :!: Add entries for category browser and opensearch into shelf.jsp
  3. Edit <extension>/web-client-config-custom.xml and comment the opensearch and category plugin. Set default plugin to shelf.

Remember, :!: means you have to edit files inside the alfresco.war. See Basic Configuration for more information.

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