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Known Issues

Description Status/Comment
PrintClient doesn't print a queue from local database after story changes. Local database doesn't maintain the NSML specification. Thus PrintManager fails in parsing. Corrected in ver. 2.3.0 build 304.
PrintClient prints only every other story when printing out of a local database. Fixed in ver. 2.3.0 build 304.
PrintClient 2.3.0 or PrintServer 2.3.0 on MS Windows crash because of a full event log protocol. Fixed in ver. 2.3.0 build 304.
PrintClient has to be restarted if the connection to PrintServer has been closed after timeout.
PrintClient doesn't warn if its registry entries are syntactically incorrect.

Feature requests

Description Status/Comment
Keep iNEWS tabs in the final document. The PrintManager converts iNEWS stories via XML to PDF. XML doesn't contain tabulator constructs and ignores any collection of whitespaces. Tabbed text could be represented only in tables. At the moment we don't have a concrete idea how to transform the iNEWS tab construct into relating XSL-FO elements.
PrintServer should be available as a service or daemon For PrintServer 2.2 you'll find in the download area a new Linux shell script to manage the PrintServer. This script is also a valid init script.
For MS Windows™ the PrintManager will be available as service in version 2.3.
Print queues out of a local database This feature will be included in PrintManager 2.3.
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