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Folder Workflows


Use the Module Management Tool to install the wffolder.amp. Information about how to do this can be found at: Module Management Tool Guide The Module Management Tool can be downloaded here.

What the wffolder extension does

When the amp is installed into Alfresco then the “Start Advanced Workflow” menu will be available in the space browse menu. The next picture shows that we can start an Advanced Workflow on a folder named “test”: "Start Advanced Workflow" is available in the space browse menu

Clicking on the “Start Advanced Workflow” link will bring you to the Choose Workflow Dialog. This is the same dialog that you see if you start an advanced workflow on a document. After the workflow is choosen the Start Workflow Dialog appears. In the picture above I have choosen the “test” folder and started a workflow on it. The Start Workflow Wizard now shows the “test” folder as attached to the workflow (In fact the “test” folder is the workflow package). See here: The folder is shown in the resources added to the workflow.

When the workflow is started and the assignee of the task opens the “Manage Task Dialog” he will see the contents of the workflow folder. In our “test” folder example the user would see the contents of the “test” folder as documents attached to the workflow: Manage Task Dialog displays contents of the workflow folder To add or remove documents to the workflow simply add or remove them in the folder where the workflow has been started on. For Folder Workflows the Manage Task Dialog displays a hint that documents can only be added or removed directly in the folder. Clicking the folder name (“Company Home/test” in the picture above) will bring you to that folder.

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