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Hmedia Uplink connects Avid iNEWS with Alfresco ECM - an OpenSource Java based Enterprise Content Management System. With Uplink one can drag and drop any document stored in Alfresco to an iNEWS story. The document is saved in the iNEWS story as a MOS production cue. Double click on this production cue opens the Uplink Viewer to display the attached document. The Viewer opens as a Workspace inside iNEWS and can be externalised to a separate Application.

There is a wide range of use cases where combining non-text content with iNEWS will ease the work of the newsroom staff:

  • If incoming wires contain text and other media, like pictures or videos, this media can be attached to the story and previewed in iNEWS.
  • Any files, e.g. scanned material or photos, that have been gathered while investigating a story can be attached to the story.
  • Photos can be added to contacts managed in iNEWS.

Sample Movie

The movie shows Uplink in action. It is an example of how to manually attach a picture to an iNEWS story. The web application you can see in this movie is the Alfresco web client user interface. The picture is dragged from there and dropped in to the iNEWS story.


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