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More than one mailboxed server on a single queue

Andreas Hartmann, 25.05.2007 11:46:


Is it possible to activate more than one actionserver by the same queue?


Of course. You are limited to one mailbox per queue but you can assign more than one server to a mailbox. In example to monitor a rundown and forward the rundown to another place via actionserver/txnet.

Edit the /site/config file. Each “mailbox-able” server contains two numbers in its declaration. The first one is the device number and the second one is the mailbox number. Simply use the same mailbox for two (or more) servers.

server       350          monitor        350  -       ; monitor
special      480        0          txnet   350     -      ;

As you see the monitor server 350 and the txnetserver 480 have the same mailbox. On a rundown queue the mailbox 350 is assigned and so you can monitor this queue for CA or MOS as well as mirror the stories on a external system, e.g. a web server.

Further hints

Never edit your config with a windows based editor. Only use vi or ed!


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