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Known Issues

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Some stories get lost after sending in the iNEWS system. This is caused by invalide distribution codes. Such stories are removed from directory completely. This issue is easy to fix by changing the <wcode> tag to <dist> inside the template files. These files are located in /usr/WireServer/site/templates. Obviously the iNEWS distribution server has a different handling for dist and wcode elements, respectively.
WireServer doesn't parse messages with ”<” or ”>” in it. - This bug relates to a bug in awk Up to awk version 3.1.3 this bug doesn't occur.
For awk 3.1.4 a workaround exists.
For awk 3.1.5 there is no workaround. You must jump back to the previous awk version.
No wire feeds appear in iNEWS although WireServer seems to work properly There is a spontaneous problem with incoming FTP on iNEWS. In that case the relating RXNET-demon on iNEWS hangs as well as the WireServer ftp-out device for the relating iNEWS system. Restart of both devices brings the system back in normal operation mode.
In future releases the FTP communication between WireServer and iNEWS system will be improved.

Feature requests

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