Hmedia is customizing the DMS Alfresco for some of its clients. For some development projects we used Alfresco as the backend. A documentation of the modules we developed can be found here. The source code is available at Alfresco Forge. Alfresco product page


An easy to use printing system for iNEWS. Creating print styles in XML gives nearly unlimited formatting options for printing out rundowns, insert lists, schedules etc. A smart user interface on the client side starts printing by a single click on an iNEWS button or shows a drag and drop enabled user interface. PrintManager product page.


iNEWS Showtiming is an essential feature for every producer. The ClockManager makes it possible to display Showtiming clocks in a separate window on every PC in your iNEWS network. This way timing for a show can be spread to the control room, the studio or wherever you want it to be seen. The size of the clocks is only limited by the size of the screen. iNEWS ClockManager product page


The iNEWS client user interface is highly customizable. Keyboard configurations, screen layouts, buttons and user preferences altogether known as profiles can be created by the administrator as templates and given to the users. The users themselves can customize their own profiles. But what if an iNEWS user changes roles (e.g. from editor to producer) or is working for different shows on the same iNEWS system? Then he should be able to change his profile easily. Using the ProfileManager the user can select between different profiles when starting the iNEWS client. iNEWS ProfileManager product page

Hmedia API for iNEWS

All products above are mostly written in Java and depend on the Hmedia API for iNEWS. This API capsules FTP/SSH communication to iNEWS into Java objects and handles failover management, NSML to XML conversion and exceptions. Hmedia API for iNEWS product page

Hmedia RESTful API for iNEWS

This is an enhancement for the Hmedia API for iNEWS exposing iNEWS functionality through RESTful Web Services. Hmedia RESTful API for iNEWS product page


Hmedia Uplink connects Avid iNEWS with Alfresco ECM - an OpenSource Java based Enterprise Content Management System. With Uplink one can drag and drop any document stored in Alfresco to an iNEWS story. The document is saved in the iNEWS story as a MOS production cue. Double click on this production cue opens the Uplink Viewer to display the attached document. The Viewer opens as a Workspace inside iNEWS and can be externalised to a separate Application. More details can be found on the Uplink product page.


Hmedia Legend integrate Localisation information in an iNEWS story. A user can point any location in a map (uses Google Maps) and drag&drop this localisation to an iNEWS story. The information is saved as a MOS production cue. Double click on this production cue opens the Legend Viewer to watch the origin of this story. The Viewer opens as a Workspace inside iNEWS and can be externalised to a separate Application. Of course statistical researches over archived stories are possible as well. More details can be found on the Legend product page.


Hmedia Sesame serves an external archive solution for iNEWS. It moves stories out of iNEWS on a schedule and saves them in the Alfresco ECM system. This system has a powerful search engine and a customizable web client. Stories can be reinserted into iNEWS easily. Users and groups are retrieved from iNEWS or from an Active Directory/LDAP. More details can be found on the Sesame product page.

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