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Hmedia API for iNEWS


The Hmedia API for iNEWS capsules communication to iNEWS over FTP/SSH into Java objects. Other Java programs can include the Hmedia API to access iNEWS. Programs on top of the API don't have to care about FTPConnections, choosing an available iNEWS server, switching to another server if the current server becomes unavailable and so on. Client programs can deal with iNEWS stories in XML format. The API handles the conversion from NSML to XML and backwards.

System Overview

Hmedia API System Overview

The Hmedia API for iNEWS can be deployed on a server where the Java Runtime Environment 1.5 is installed on. Other programs in the same Java Virtual Machine can access the API. Normally the API is included into another Java program as a library.


  • Automatic failover if one iNEWS server becomes unavailable
  • Configurable load balancing
  • iNEWS database access and file system access through one API
  • iNEWS stories can be represented or saved as NSML, XML or Java objects
  • Automated polling of queues for changes
  • Easy configuration with Spring
  • The API can handle any number of iNEWS systems with any number of iNEWS servers
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